The 12412 project

Edit: The 12412 project doesn’t exit anymore.

I stumbled upon this original idea called the 12412 project. Basically, the idea is to choose 12 areas of technology that you would like to learn more about this year and follow this to-do every month. Even better, you should keep a record about it!

So I decided to join and make myself 12 goals for this year that I am going to share with you:

Make a 12412 list

This may seem like a bogus goal but hear me out. I want to be more interactive online and build a decent blog to share useful information for web developers and entrepeneurs. Also to show off my *cough* amazing *cough* personality. To be more clear, this goal refers to blogging and writing at least one article for each of these goals: what I learned, what resources I used, how it went and what plans for the future I have with that particulkar technology.

My website’s re-design

Wordpress logoMy website has been out of date for almost a year now and I think it’s time for an upgrade. With the rise of mobile phones and tablets, the trend for 2012 is, unsurprisingly, responsive design. With that in mind, I will build a brand new WordPress theme for my website. And will write about the process and what I’ve learned on the way in a following blog post.

Learn to use Github

I have seen github projects everywhere for the past few months and it seems as a great way to share code and projects. Setting up github proved to be not as easy as I thought initially and learning to use it efficiently might be a challenge. So this goal is pretty simple: learn and use github like a pro!

Build and share a WordPress blank theme

Based on my awesome theme that I will build for my website, I will create and share with you a blank developer’s theme to use for future projects. It will have a lot of advanced features. Here is what I have in mind at the moment:

  • HTML5 compliant and use of microformats
  • Scripts included:
    • Based on HTML5 boilerplate
    • Includes Modernizr to work with older browsers
    • Theme-specific script “script.js” automatically linked
    • Twitter feed script included
  • Fully responsive to work with tablets and smart phones
  • Sample custom post with custom taxonomy
  • Sample theme options page with tabbed options
  • Custom header and background, use of thumbnails
  • custom editor style, custom wordpress login page, custom admin footer text – all css files created and attached

Of course, this list might grow in the future so stick around!


This is another great idea I stumbled upon on the web. The idea is to link all your social profiles and give a clearer image to users of what are you doing online. Thinking of linking my twitter, foursquare, wordpress, goodreads, forrst and github so far.

Learn Algorithms

This might not sounds as new or interesting as the previous ones but I found the online course from MIT about Algorithms proves very interesting. It is not a web technology, but I am a software developer at the end of the day so it might be interesting.

Free WordPress Theme

Build my first WordPress free theme available for all. Based on my blank developer’s theme, highly customisable, and simply awesome.

Premium WordPress Theme

I am not sure about this as it takes a tremendous amount of work (and time!) but I will try and build my first premium WordPress Theme. Based on the previous one but more focused on photographers, web designers/developers, project/event managers and real estate agents. Will have a multitude of theme options, custom posts and page templates available.

Planet ephemerid API

I have built a very cool project that simulated the movement of planets and satellites very accurately a while ago. Based on NASA’s algorithm (the algorithm itself was well known way before NASA was even founded)

Create a simulation as demo

Using the above API and Pov Ray, I plan to create a simulation of planets movements. Not sure yet how to do it but it should be interesting.

What next?

This is an incomplete list but Im sure I’ll update it soon. You can help me out and add your own ideas.
What are your goals for 2012?


The 12412 project

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