Will was responsible for developing the software for the annual Wellbeing Pedometer challenge with in Microsoft.
This entailed using ‘Bing Live Maps’ and was hosted on ‘HealthVault’ a Microsoft platform, enabling employees to compete in teams against each other in a virtual challenge using pc compatible equipment (pedometers).

This was a very complex task and Will worked consistently under a great deal of pressure when he had other work to complete, to deliver a robust challenge that Microsoft and the employees enjoyed to use!

Will was also very open and willing to change anything we needed modifying or changing along the way, and was very knowledgeable of the application.

Although the challenge is still going, we have had one team complete so far, the feedback we have had has been very positive, and this would not have happened if Will had not volunteered for the role, we are very appreciative to him.

Jane Fruen (Hart Practice), Wellbeing Centre Microsoft UK

My impression of Will when I first spoke to him was that he was polite, professional and very knowledgeable.
This proved to be true when I met him and he started working on my website straight away. He even came up with a logo for me which I hadn’t even thought of.
Will continuous to amaze me with his great ideas and how quickly he implements them. He has learnt so much, so quickly and has done a brilliant job. He is very helpful and whenever I asked him if he could do something, such as design a certain background for me, not only did he do this but it looked much better than I had imagined.
My website looks brilliant and I would recommend him to anyone as he not only provides an excellent service but produces such quality work.
He is always polite, friendly and conscientious. Thanks for everything Will. We will always be friends 🙂
Contact Will if you want to turn your ideas into something amazing.

Jyotika Thaker, DejaVu Photos

Vilmos has built our website, peoplepoint.org, the design is fresh and functional. Vilmos is a developer who listens, and the results reflect what you ask for. He gives clear advice and invites you to engage on every aspect of the site development. Patiently he listens to every suggestion from design to functionality. I really appreciate his continued support and access to web development advice.

Emellyne Forman, People Point

Vilmos has produced work of the top quality. He works in the upmost professional manner ensuring that he clearly informs the customer what work is being conducted. He’s communication skills are extremely helpful to customers such as us who have little website development knowledge; this gives us confidence in the work he is doing.
Vilmos additionally allows us to make as many adaptations as we would like after the initial draft he constructs is completed. This again makes us feel confident that we will have a website fully delivered with the requirements we wanted.
We would definitely use Vilmos’s services in the future.

Isaac Cumberbatch, Wrightchoice group