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Protractor taking screenshots

A very useful trick when using protractor with jasmine is the ability to take screenshots when one of your tests fail. Here is a very simple afterEach block that verifies if your test passed. If not, a screenshot of the browser is taken and saved. Very useful for figuring out what is going on with […]

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Protractor testing

I’ve been working a lot with protractor recently. And even though there are still some issues with phantomjs, it is still pretty awesome. It integrates seamlessly with Jasmine and Cucumber, so that’s a bonus. To start using protractor you can follow the official documentation here. One very cool feature I like is multiCapabilities. As E2E […]

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Quick tip

If you are using protractor to test your webapps, then you are inevitably using Promises. Sometimes you might want to create an immediately resolved/rejected promise. Typically you would write this: But you can just as easily write the same thing like this: Much easier!

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