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Best practice

If you did any development in AngularJS, I’m sure you know about the $watch function. On every digest cycle, Angular will evaluate an expression to see if its value changes. If it did, it will fire all the listeners on that particular watch. Of course, this can be very expensive as your app grows and […]

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Setting environment variables in Angular using Grunt

I’ve come across an interesting problem recently. While developing an angular app, I needed to switch from a live web service to a local web service during the development. And this got me thinking: “This is the perfect situation where different environments would be incredibly useful”. Instead of manually changing the endpoints of the web […]

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Reading List #1

I saw this idea on this blog and though it’s a good one, I should do my own. I use Google Reader and Flipboard a lot and every now and again I find some very interesting articles I enjoyed reading. Why not share them? I’ll try to make this a regular thing. Enjoy! The Atlantic […]

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