Monthly Archive: January 2015

If you enabled Github 2fa…

You might have noticed that your terminal git push commands do not work anymore and you are required to provide your credentials again. The weird thing is, your regular Github credential (username/password) are not valid anymore! What you actually need to do is provide an access token when you are being prompt for a password […]

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Tip of the day: OSX vs Linux

Linux is case sensitive while OSX is not when it comes to file paths. This affects how a multitude applications work, including Git and Node. I will sure remember this next time I have to debug a debug a Travis build from a Mac.

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Adventures with AngularJS 1.3

The new AngularJS (specifically v1.3) offers many new features and under-the-hood improvements. For details about this release you should check out the changelog. There are a few breaking changes and I want to discuss one in particular that gave me headaches. Let’s say you have a directive such as this one: Your unit test for […]

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